Women all over the world pursue products and new technology to make them feel younger and more beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s also important to recognise that we each have our own strengths and beauty within us that will give us that added glow if only we allowed ourself to expose our inner beauty. Confidence is key and I was incredibly moved by Dove’s Beauty Patch campaign.

I won’t spoil the surprise so watch it for yourself and see how these women found the beauty within them.

Sponsored by Dove.

I posted the above photo on my Instagram (@renzze) awhile ago and if you haven’t figured it out yet, OSIM’s uDiva endorser is none other than Lee Min Ho. He’s one of the top Hallyu stars in Korea right now and at the height of his stardom. If uDiva, a mini sofa that transforms into a relaxing lounger or a full-body massage chair, is good enough for a luminary like him, it’s good enough for me. In fact, OSIM is the first Singapore brand the Korean superstar is endorsing.

“I love having the uDiva in my home. There are days when filming zaps up all my energy and I just want to chill and relax when I head back home. Nothing beats lounging in your favourite sofa and letting the power-packed soothing massage drain all the weariness away” says Lee Min Ho.

uDiva is the world’s first triple enjoyment Sofa that double up as a lounger and a massager. Available in 5 fashionable shades – Gorgeous Pink, Stunning Black, Enchanting Blue , Elegant Beige and Luscious Maroon, there is definitely one colour that will fit perfectly with your home’s décor.

When it is not extended (as shown above), it looks just like any ordinary sofa and wouldn’t take up unnecessary extra space in your living room. We all know how precious living space is in a country like Singapore and unlike massage bulky massage chairs of the past, this one will fit comfortably in any room.

To read a book or watch TV, simply extend the uDiva into a lounge chair. It’s so comfy, I could easily doze off on one.

Naturally, the most unique function of the uDiva is the ability to convert into a massager.

OSIM massage chairs are well recognized to be one of the best in the industry and they have incorporated an exclusive 3D Power Ball technology featuring 3D Dynamic Massage. Composed of a series of carefully calibrated bumps, the technology was developed after much research and development into trying to mimic the human touch to tunnel deeper into your aching muscles.

There are a total of  6 massage programs in the uDiva.

1. Neck and Shoulder

My personal favourite is the Neck and Shoulder program which uses Feng Chi acupuncture point massage to relieve tension headaches and stiff shoulders. The massage feels similar to having a a head and shoulder massage at a hair salon.

2. Spa Massage

A hit with the ladies is the  pampering, stress relieving spa massage program. It helps to boost the regeneration of cells and helps promote blood circulation for general well-being.

3. Happy Hour

Focusing on mental relaxation, this is one of the most popular massage programs for PMEBs. The massage improves the circulation of the legs while relaxing the shoulder and neck muscles. The lower back tapping works at releasing the tension in the muscles that are strained after long hours of sitting at the desk.

4. Lumber

A strong massage function to loosen and relieve lower back tension.

5. Stretch

This massage loosens muscles and increase your flexibility.

6. Sleep

For those who wants to prepare your body for a good night’s sleep, this is perfect at bedtime.

I personally love the Enchanting Beige and Enchanting Blue versions of the uDiva and can already picture how easily it’ll integrate into my home and my lifestyle.  The plush leather with button accents, pleated panels and contrast trimmings are details which add to the modern but opulent effect.

For more goodies about the uDiva, you can go to http://uDiva.OSIM.com or download the QR Code.

I had a glorious time at the OSIM uDiva party with specially concocted cocktails by Mixes From Mars for each colour of the uDiva. Mixes from Mars is a pioneer in the bespoke portable bar industry that started in early 2013 (http:// mixesfrommars.sg). They offer a distinctive concept where each drink is personalized to the palate, mood and flavour preference of every guest. They currently have a pop-up bar called Mars Bar at 83 Duxton Road (Duxton Hotel).  My favourite drink that night would  be the Elegant Beige cocktail which is reminiscent of a sweet home-made apple pie.

With yummy bites, delicious drinks, calming hand massages, gel polish manicures and the comfortable uDiva, OSIM really knows how to keep their guests relaxed and recharged.

The OSIM uDiva retails at a special introductory price of $2,588 (usual price $3,288). It is available at all OSIM outlets, road shows and online at www.osim.com. For more information, follow OSIM Singapore on Facebook.

Head down to any OSIM store to give uDiva a go and while you are there, snap a photo with uDiva endorser, Lee Min Ho.

Post the photo of you and Lee Min Ho (taken at any OSIM store/roadshow) on instagram and hashtag #uDiva #OSIMSG together with the choice of your favourite massage program. One lucky winner will be selected to win an OSIM uSlender Slim Belt massager worth S$268 every week! From 11 April 2014 to 31st May 2014, there are 7 sets to be won. Look out for the announcement of 1 winner every Monday on OSIM SG’s Facebook Page, and remember to set your Instagram account to public.

Good Luck!

I’m currently in New Zealand and it’s been an adrenaline fuelled whirlwind of fun! I love this beautiful country and you can follow me on Instagram (@renzze) to see what I’m up to.

Meanwhile, here’s some photos of Vanity Trove’s Get, Snap, Blingo Project Launch Party that I attended previously.

Held at Zouk, this massive party was a collaboration by Vanity Trove together with their partners - Reebonz, Quincy by Far East Hospitality, Kwerkee, Nikon, Asia Travel, Benefit Cosmetics, Loreal Professional, Skin Inc, Brands Innershine, Gavio and iFly.

A night filled with ladies in mind, the theme was Modern Hippie Chic and I did my best to channel that vibe with my flowery maxi and flower headband.

The main purpose of this party was to introduce Vanity Trove newest smartphone app which allows you to capture and share all your beauty moments with an international community to help inspire each other.

Congrats to Vanity Trove on their launch and three cheers to fashion, beauty and inspirations.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Keeping fit and healthy has been on my new year resolutions for years now yet it wasn’t until the 2nd half of last year that I finally found myself truly integrating a healthier lifestyle and I’m glad that this change has spilled over to some of my close friends, family and love ones. With the high stress levels we face in urbanite Singapore, it is imperative that we don’t lose focus on balancing our body, mind and soul to enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle. In this post, I’ll be sharing 7 things that I’ve been doing to keep healthy.

1. Having a favourite fitness activity.

I first joined Updog Studios for yoga lessons in August last year and I’ve never looked back. Even though I travel so often and practice irregularly, I can see the positive effects on my lifestyle. I’m stronger, more flexible, calmer, more focused and more mindful of my daily activities. Yoga helped to ground my determination to a healthier lifestyle and is an essential part of my fitness goals.

I’ve even tried variations of yoga including the anti-gravity yoga at Virgin Active (pictured above) which was a lot of fun!

2. Try out different sports with friends

Company makes it so much easier to keep healthy. It’s not a chore when it is fun and I started to try out different types of sports and fitness activities with friends. Not only did it expose me to more choices, it also helped me to love and understand my friends and their passions better.

3. Set a goal

It’s hard to keep healthy when you don’t have a goal in mind. Mine is to gain more muscles. I’m quite petite so losing weight  is not a driving force for me. However, I have been told that I lack the adequate amount of muscles needed for someone my size so I’m working out to be stronger and to be more toned. At the moment I need to gain about 5kg more of muscles and being able to have a physical goal helps me to stay focused.

4. Take little steps

Being healthy and staying fit is not about turning yourself into a sports fanatic overnight. It’s about having small little improvements to your current lifestyle that will make a big difference over time. Some simple examples include choosing to eat a healthy breakfast or adding more vegetables and fruits into you diet. Personally, I’m trying to increase my protein intake to help me with my muscle development without losing too much weight.

5. A family that exercise together, stays together

I’m really glad that my family is also starting to appreciate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and taking baby steps towards it. My mum can’t do a lot of activities due to a multitude of health issues but she is still game to do small walks and hikes every weekend. Spending time together on weekend hikes is a great time to catchup on everyone’s week and keep the family ties strong.

6. Don’t forget your pets 

My dogs love being outdoors and plays big part in my life so I’ll try to take them out often for walks, swims or just to cycle around with them. It’s fun for them as well as for me!

7. Be involved with the local sports community

It’s hard to stay fit alone but it can be a lot of fun when there is a community to grow with. Joining community sports programs and activities helps you to play and learn better. I am joining the NTUC Run 350 challenge with JW in April. It’s my first time joining a run and my first time running in more than a decade so naturally I’m quite intimidated. However, after attending a free running clinic, I learnt more about dynamic stretching and how to prevent possible injures from running which greatly help alleviate some of my fears.

A good place to start is with the Community Sports Club and you can join them on Instagram to get inspired to stay healthy and keep fit.  The Community Games (CG) is a multi-sports competition held across Singapore, bringing the Games to the heart of the community and connecting residents of different ages, races and living across estates. CG is organised by the People’s Association, Community Sports Club Council and Community Sports Clubs, with support from the National Sports Associations of the sports to be featured. The seven sports featured under CG are Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Football, Netball, Sepaktakraw and Table Tennis.

If you are already active in sports or are looking to be more active, you can join the Community Sports Festival (CSF) 2014. This is a series of sports festivals organised by the Community Sports Club Council (CSC Council) and Community Sports Clubs (CSCs) in partnership with the various Grassroots Organisations. The sports festivals would be held during the period 16 March to 30 June, at various venues across the island.

You can expect a fun-filled, exciting event that attracts residents to participate in a series of sports, physical activities and other fringe activities that foster interaction and community bonding. One of the highlights for this year’s CSF is the introduction of the Community Sports Challenge, a modified game adapted from the actual sport, to create wider outreach and interest to those who has never participated in a sport which is perfect for someone who is just starting to incorporate a healthy lifestyle like me!

The Community Sports Challenge’s emphasis on teamwork helps promotes bonding and fun in their quest to be the best team in the competition. The challenges include Mini Pong, Archery Tag and Football. Each challenge is further divided into four categories which suit the different age groups: Children, Senior, Parent and Child, and Open categories. The challenger who sets the first record of each Sports Challenge of its’ categories wins the game.

To find out more, visit Red Sports website and the Community Sports Club Facebook.


Mount Faber is one of Singapore’s most iconic venues and a place that holds many dear memories for me. I’ve been there with my family, my friends and my love ones countless of times since I was a child and have seen the place evolved through the years. In the past, dining at Mount Faber meant an expensive night out and was reserved only for special occasions. But with the slew of new concepts and restaurants and Mount Faber, it’s now friendlier and more accessible for casual dining. One of the newest in the mix is Spuds & Aprons.

A great place to chill at the end of the work day, Spuds & Aprons have a positively happy vibe about the place. Families, friends and lovers can be seen enjoying the food and the gorgeous view of the Singapore Cable Car line that runs all the way to Sentosa. You can choose to chill out at the air-conditioned Dining Room or relax at the alfresco garden. It was a cool night when I visited and chose to sit at the garden to enjoy the live band better.

I started with a lovely signature drink, the Spuds & Aprons Lychee Soda with Nata de Coco Jello (S$8) while Mystery Man (MM) wanted to chill with a simple bottle of Tiger beer (S$12). My soda was absolutely refreshing and it comes with quite a few flavours including Mango, Passionfruit, Wild Berries, Strawberries and Jackfruit.

Later on, I ordered a Dom Pedro (S$13) alcoholic smoothie which was delish! A mixture of whiskey, bailey, milk, cream, vanilla syrup and ice-cream, it’s as sinful as it is titillating. Alcoholic smoothie lovers, be warned!

After a long day at work, the drink and the upbeat ambience immediately soothed my anxieties of the stressful workday away. Having all the huge heritage trees encapsulated within the restaurant is not only a unique way to preserve the natural beauty of Mount Faber but also serves as a beautiful reminder to  allow nature into our urbanite lives. The whole architecture of the platform was well conceived and I appreciated how they thought out of the box to create curves with the timber without using any nails.

The first dish, Wicked Fries and Gravy (S$8) came highly recommended to me. It’s steakhouse cut spuds with 6 types of cheese and brown gravy. An excellent dish for sharing and a must-try for all cheese lovers. The chef felt that most cafes and restaurants these days tend to stick with safer choices like truffle fries or plain salted ones so he wanted to do something different and unique. It took a lot of research and tasting to finally find the right mix and proportions of cheeses for this dish.

I spent the night trying to figure out which cheeses were used and couldn’t quite guess all 6 of them because they have been beautifully combined and blended to work as one distinctive taste. After a little digging from the kitchen, I learnt that the 6 cheeses used are mozzarella, cheddar, provolone, gruyere, emmental and parmesan.

For something healthier, there is the Crispy Whitebait Salad (S$12). The whitebait was fried till crispy then topped over fresh mushroom, seaweed, cucumber, asian salad before sprinkling toasted sesame seeds. The dressing was a delightful mix of wasabi and yuzu. A delicate asian salad to whet your appetite!

The first main dish that arrived was the Tobiko Crusted Cod Filet (S$28). Popular with most ladies and fish lovers, this Atlantic cod filled with Omega 3 goodness is oven roasted then topped with Tobiko and served with green tea soba noodles and aged Ponzu sauce. I loved the combination of flavours and the asian touch to the dish.

My favourite dish that night is the Grilled Char Siew Lamb Rack (S$38). I’m usually not a big fan of lamb dishes because it’s hard to find good variations of it in Singapore. However, this Murray Bridge lamb rack marinated in Char Siew seasoning blew my mind away. It was perfectly grilled but still tender and moist while the crushed pistachio nuts on the top gave it that extra texture. The additional Hoisen sauce, local veggies and creamy mash was also a nice touch.

Another must try dish is the Crispy Pork Belly (S$26). It’s slow cooked till tender before the chef torches the skin to produce gorgeous crisp crackling. The pineapple pickle was also really good.

Finally we come to desserts. I picked 2 of the must-try desserts and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.


The Chempedak Bread and Butter Pudding (S$10) was glorious fusion of east and west. The baked croissant paired with creamy custard and chempadak  was served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

If you could only choose one dessert to order, the most recommend one will be the ever-popular Jar of Happiness (S$10).  Aptly named, the mason jar is filled with shortbread biscuits, almond flakes, mixed berries strawberries, Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream and topped with warm berry compote. If you have a bigger group (suggested to have 4 or more) you can even consider the 16 scoop version called Mountain of Happiness(S$48). I was told that if you (just one pax) are able to finish up the Mountain of Happiness within 15 minutes, it’s on the house! What’s more, you’ll receive an apron and have your name up on their wall of fame.

If you are lucky, you might even spot staff wearing some quirky aprons. Keep your eyes peeled because each apron signifies a special flash promotion! I hope I’ll get “Life is uncertain, eat desserts first” the next time I visit.

For those who want to try Spuds & Aprons, don’t miss out on the Singapore Cable Car 40th Anniversary Promotion. You get a free dessert with every $40 spent from 1st March to 4th May 2014.

As if my night couldn’t get any better, right after I took this photo with the large bells, a little girl playing nearby came up to me and said “You are really pretty!”. Super sweet and unexpected. I was both delighted and embarrassed with her candid confession but it made me blush with happiness like a new bride.

This Easter, have an eggie-good-time with your family and friends at Mount Faber’s new dining spot, Spuds & Aprons. Here’s a sneak peek of the exciting Easter activities planned:

1. ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT EASTER BUFFET BRUNCH (20 April 2014, from 11.00am to 2:30pm)
Tuck into a delectable and sumptuous array of salmon sashimi, scallops, crabs, mussels, beef striploin, lamb, barbequed chicken, eggs cooked to your liking – fried, scrambled, omelette-style, classic hot-cross buns and more! This buffet brunch is at $55++ for adult and $18++ for child (age 3 to 12).

2. EGG-SIGHTING CONTEST (19 to 27 April 2014, all-day event)
Stand to win $100 dining voucher! Calling all Spuds & Aprons diners to flex your eye power and guess the right number of Easter eggs in the jar to win. Oh yes, it is less competitive outside meal times.

3. BUNNY AWARENESS PROGRAMME (20 April 2014, from 11:00am to 2:30pm)
What’s Easter without bunny friends? Get to meet rabbits and learn to how to love and care for them the right way at the awareness and adoption drive by the House Rabbit Society of Singapore.

4. EASTER EGG HUNT (20 April 2014, from 12.45pm to 1.30pm)
Grab your Easter baskets… It’s hunting time! Hunt for Easter eggs at Spuds & Aprons and exchange them up for delightful prizes. Our egg-stensive prizes include Easter chocolate eggs, complimentary Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream sandwich and more!

5. ROVING MAGICIAN (20 April 2014, from 12:30pm to 2:30pm)
Upping the joyous occasion of Easter, kids can get up close and be amazed by the magic tricks by their roving magician.

Reserve a happy seat at (+65) 6377 9688 or email:customerservice@mountfaber.com.sg now!


- Applicable for all diners (Spuds & Aprons and Moonstone)
- Excludes Eve of Public Holidays & Public Holidays

Thanks for reading!


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